Big Tuesday of Pilates and Yoga classes


I love Tuesdays! I get to teach several classes between Walt Disney World and Golds Gym Dr. Phillips and the people are always jacked to be there.

Taught Pilates at Golds this morning for a class of 48 people. Wore my lucky blue tank top which helps me flow the classes. Did lots of abs, something new called The Wiggle, and an intense Side Side and Kneeling Side Kick series. of course there was plenty of stretching with Planks and Push-ups. I LOVE Planks and Push-ups…builds character. Music: More R and B with a touch of Alanis Moriset. I know I spelled her last name wrong. I had a girlfriend in college that put Head over Feet on a mix for me…always loved that song. Cool down and bye bye.

Taught Pilates at Walt Disney’s Feature Animation building. Climbed the 4 flights of stairs and beat my clients who chickened-out and took the elevator. Wimps. Lots of abs. Full class. Did a whole swimming series and killed ourselves with the shoulder touch plank. Come to my classes and I will show you. Lots of stretching. Coll down. Bye bye.

Drove to Golds for my Power Yoga class. Early. Quick study of things but keep seeing people I know so we chat. Sean loves to chat! Yoga at Golds is a trip! Lots of great energy and we always pack at least 50 in the room. Introduced The Scorpion Hover and their lives will never be the same. Lots of flows. New music mix with lots of The beloved. Good group. Some Depeche Mode snuck in there too. Bows. Triangles. Half Moons. It was a Yoga frenzy. Meditation. Namaste’! Chatted after. So cool to meet people from all over the world who love taking care of themselves.

Typical teaching day for me…

See you next time.

Sean Vigue

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