Big Tuesday of teaching, singing, and stretching….


Another great day of teaching group fitness classes in Orlando, Florida! I won’t bore you with all the small details but the classes ran smooth and everyone left looking and feeling better than when they walked through the door.

Taught Pilates at Golds this morning…a little sleepy. Damn lawn care people! I swear that everyday a different house in my neighborhood has it’s grass cut. The grass grows so fast that they begin cutting right after they finish cutting. Make sense? Anyways…class was great! I pulled back a little. My mind has been on my advanced Pylata videos lately so my live classes have taken a more intense tone. So this morning I still beat them silly but made sure to add plenty of stretching. Stretching is the best! Do it and do it often to feel 18 years old all year round. Had about 50 people in class.

Returned to Golds this evening to teach my favorite class of the week: Power Yoga. Packed class. Think we hit 60. No space available. Made a new music mix that ranges from Arcade Fire to Enya to Depeche Mode (the best!). Even added this cool theme from the movie Inception. Lots of flows and introduced them to the Super Plank. Tough as shit! Ended with a beautiful cool down and Namaste’! Great people. All left feeling released and stretched and walked past guys in the gym lifted heavy weights with bad form. God bless Yoga and Pilates…and Pylata!

Long walk after. Good stuff. Mr. Fitness is tired.

See you in class!

Eat apples. Drink water. Watch MST3K. Can’t go wrong with these things.

Sean Vigue

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