Blogging is back! Pylata is here!


I have been so busy teaching, filming, editing, creating, mingling, strutting, singing, and hovering lately that my Blog has slipped a little. Not to worry…I shall be blogging much more often about all my exciting (and sometimes bland) fitness adventures. Yay! Cue trumpet…

Finishing up my last week at Disney World teaching Pilates and Yoga. I do eight-week sessions and this is the eighth week so we will have one week off…and then start up again. I have taught over 1400 Pilates and Yoga classes for Walt Disney World and am proud to be their go to Pilates and Yoga guy for Cast Members. Great gig. Great company. Great people. Sign-up now if you are a Cast Member.

Pylata is my newest fitness creation and will be hitting shelves and your DVD player next week! These are very advanced workouts combining Pilates and Tabata with a Yoga cool down. You saw it here first.

Taught an exciting Pilates class at Disney University tonight followed by Yogalates at the Artisan Park Clubhouse in Disney’s town of Celebration, Florida! GOOD TIMES.

Song of the day: Lift me Up by Moby. Great for Yoga.

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Sean Vigue

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  1. Anonymous08-05-10

    Great job, Sean! Jana Vanova

  2. Sean Vigue08-07-10

    Thanks Jana!

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