Making a new mix of rock and Pylata..!


Making a music mix for live fitness classes in an art form. Some of my mixes are legendary and can change humanity while others can bring down entire civilizations. This is some pretty serious stuff! I am making a very eclectic mix this evening to be used at Golds in the morning for my Power Pilates class. I have The Guess Who right next to Lady Gaga. Gotta mix it up plenty and keep people guessing…just like with the workouts. Mind and body must always be fresh. If they are not then you might as well fold it up, pack it in and devote your life to non fitness endeavors such as painting fences and polishing pencils.

Taught at Disney World tonight at the Feature Animation Building. Lots of fun! Smaller class because it’s the end of this session so I could really throw some Pilates love at them. Lots of shaking, sweating, and cursing my beloved name. Pretty standard actually. Sweating and cursing. God love em!

Pylata workout DVD coming next week! Advanced under 20 minute workouts combing Pilates and Tabata with a Yoga cool down. The first DVD will contain 4-5 under 20 minute workouts that will make everything else you have done feel like crawling. These move FAST! They hit every muscle and require no weights or machines. Pylata is going to be HUGE. The world is so hungry for this and I shall deliver to the best of my abilities as a fitness instructor and Leo.

Love working with people and seeing them become healthier on every level. Our physical health is all we have when everything is stripped away. That and God. How you treat your body is YOUR choice. Always has been and alway will be. Practice true health care. Take charge and look and feel better after every class. You get the idea (-:

So much to do and so little time!

See you in class!

Sean Vigue

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