Your glorious and just fitness quest has begun!


We are on a lifelong quest to improve our health! Let me assist you with this noble and glorious quest.

I was watching my Disney clients leave Pilates class on Friday and noticing many things…

1) They were either smiling or laughing. I have never seen a client leave upset, annoyed, or distracted.

2) They are standing very tall. When they walk in their posture is slouching as the weight of the day presses down but by the end of class all of that has been obliterated and they leave standing tall and loose.

3) Our discussions after class are very engaging and invigorating because all the distractions and useless stresses have been eliminated…I feel they are much more their true selves after releasing the garbage that holds them back. Great chats after class …always!

4) Confidence! You can read it in their faces, how they move, and how they walk out the door. Gaining control of your health and your body is one of the greatest (if not greatest) joys of life! God smiles down upon you when this happens. Celebrate and appreciate life with a healthy, vital body and mind.

Come to class and see how many (if not all) of these things happen to you!

I teach to enrich lives on every level..this is serious stuff and should never be taken lightly. Feel and look awesome after every class! Go to to come to my many Pilates, Yoga, Yogalates, and Spinning classes in Orlando, Florida!

Sean Vigue

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