Wild week of life-changing classes!


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It is officially “hump day” and I am recovering before heading out to teach Power Pilates at Disney University. I love teaching at D.U. because I can see Cinderella’s Castle while I instruct 18 awesome Cast Members in the fine art of the Pilates Method. Then I am off to teach Yogalates at the Artisan Park Clubhouse in Celebration, Florida. Life is grand.

It was Super Tuesday yesterday as I like to call it. Tuesdays are my Disney and Golds day. Pilates at Disney and Golds and then back to Golds for Power Yoga. Power Yoga is my most favorite class to teach because it really keeps me on my toes (literally!). Tuesday classes are always very crowded and fights break out over floor space. I get to mediate as I run them through Vinyasa Flows and Rollovers. Love it! Last night in Yoga we did some intense Crow with a series of Boats/Balancing Bears. If you don’t do Yoga that sounds very strange. If you practice Yoga you know how much fun this can be!

My web page www.motleyfitness.com is getting a new look. Check it out! It is still under construction but we are gearing up to take it to the next HUGE level. I must offer what I have to the entire world. It must not be kept a secret…that would be just too sad.

So classes are rocking, people are getting stronger and leaner, DVDs are selling at a brisk pace, and my father is in town…life is amazing.

Contact me with any questions and remember to come to my classes when you visit Orlando, Florida.

See you in class!

Sean Vigue

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