Does this wild class make my butt look big?


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I teach fitness classes. I teach A LOT of fitness classes. I teach more fitness classes than you may think. To me, there is nothing as exciting as working with a group of people (2-80) and getting them to move, breathe, stretch, smile, sweat, laugh, and release. I love doing DVD’s, Podcasts, TV, and film but teaching a live class will always be my passion.

Taught my final Pilates/Boot Camp/Power Yoga/Pylata class of the year at the Celebration K-8 school yesterday as they are on summer break now. It is fun to teach teachers. I always make my classes convenient for clients…they finish up their work and just walk over with their mat to the choir room for a rocking class!
Teaching a new Power Pilates class at Disney University too. I have been their Pilates and Yoga guy for all of property going on 7 years now! I work with Cast Members from all over the world and help them release and tone from a long day of sitting. We packed the room last night and the music mix contained some Gaga, Crue, Sting, and Death Cab. Wild mix! Wild class! I even sang a little.
Off to plan for Power Yoga tonight and do some filming of my new Beach Body workout series. Keep checking back for more Blogs as my webpage gets a MAJOR overhaul to keep up with my business demands.
Fitness unleashed!!
Sean Vigue
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