Garage Workouts to excite the soul and fire up the muscles!


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I have recently began a new series of workout on You Tube and my Podcast titled, “Garage Workouts”. They are filmed in my garage (if you can believe that) and feature all sorts of different exercises, stretches, and songs. My goal is to present only the most effective workouts and have a great time in the process. Where else can you get a great workout and sing some opera at the same time? Why not?


Head over to and enjoy my Garage Workouts along with my many other videos. Use these videos to keep changing up your routines and seeing great gains in flexibility, strength, power, and control. Make sure you give the videos a “thumbs-up” and comment. My videos have really developed an international following and keep growing.


Sean Vigue (Brand new site! Download my workout DVD’s now!)

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