Pilates Style magazine gave Sean Vigue’s “Pilates for Men” dvd a great review!


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My friends,


My Pilates for Men dvd received a wonderful review in the current issue (October, 2011) of Pilates Style magazine! I have been a subscriber for years and am so pleased and thankful to be part of the #1 Pilates publication in the world.


Below is the review by Heidi Dvorak. The dvd may be purchased at motleyfitness.com


Pilates for Men with Sean Vigue



WHO Sean Vigue, owner of Motley Fitness in Florida, is certified by the Pilates Institute of America and has accreditation in Pi-Yo, yoga, Spinning and Personal Training.

WHAT Floor work performed in three progressive parts, including classic moves such as Criss-Cross, Arm Circles, Swimming and Corkscrew.

WHERE The focus on spine articulation, muscle isolation, flexibility and strengthening makes for an economically savvy workout.

HOW INTENSE The first segment is the perfect intro for novices; the second segment builds on the first with appropriate challenges for those who’ve mastered the basics; the third is fairly intense and only for those who’ve perfected the first two parts and built stamina.

BUY THIS BECAUSE Executed with a comfortable combination of humor and straight-talk, this workout is the perfect introduction to Pilates for macho types who think the discipline is for sissies.

SPECIAL FEATURES/BONUS You’ll know you’re in for a good time as soon as you see the intro of Vigue playing the piano and warbling “The Tennessee Waltz.” Plus, Vigue’s dad, aimlessly wandering around between segments, is a hoot. An additional short, advanced workout is thrown in for good measure.

55 minutes, $20

Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness


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