The Perfect Football Core Workout!


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College and pro football are now alive and cooking into their season and I wanted to create a short, intense Core boot camp for the occasion. This workout consists of 3 powerful exercises (jump back push-ups, swimming, mountain climbers) done in fast succession 2 times with a short break in between. The second time you do them there are challenging upgrades! It’s the perfect workout for shredding fat and toning muscle – especially your Core. Core exercises improve balance, stability, control, movement and ab strength. It is your center and must remain strong and balanced. I teach this routine in my live classes frequently. Check my schedule HERE.


Enjoy my Football Core Workout – filmed before a live studio audience!



*Watch for a great review of my Pilates for Men workout dvd in the October issue of Pilates Style magazine! Read the review HERE.


See you in class!


Sean Vigue

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