Power Yoga in Orlando, Florida with Sean Vigue


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My friends,

I am celebrating teaching 3 years of Power Yoga every Tuesday at 7:30 pm at Gold’s Gym Dr. Phillips in Orlando, Florida. This is the largest Gold’s in the Southeast and the largest workout facility in central Florida. I have had the honor of working with thousands of clients in the famous Studio 2. Classes are always packed and everyone sleeps like a baby after. You may even hear some Depeche Mode…

What is a Power Yoga experience? My classes consist of yoga flows (Vinyasa Flow) that constantly create new poses and postures. Breathing is always emphasized as is control and grace. For instance, in my class last Tuesday we started with a standing warm-up to focus breath, clear the mind and find proper posture. From there we go into Vinyasa flow, breaking it down at first and then flowing many times to heat up the body. Your body turns into an incredible furnace, burning calories along the way. From there it is a yoga free-for-all as we move from one pose to the next…stretching every muscle and building power.  And just when you think you have it figured out, I put us in a pose and we HOLD it for awhile to achieve greater gains.We end with a soothing cool down to bring the class to a beautiful close. Every muscle is worked, the mind is focused, the body is stretched and tension is eradicated. There is nothing like it and I NEVER teach the same class twice. Fitness must always be moving and challenging. Once your mind knows what comes next your body becomes bored and shuts down. Keep it fresh. So it is with life 🙂

To join this class click HERE for directions and my full schedule.

When you attend my live classes you may purchase my workout dvd’s for only $10. Mention that you read this blog and I will give you 2 for only $15. I always have some with me including my very popular Pilates for Men dvd which received a wonderful review in the October issue of Pilates Style magazine. Click HERE to visit my online store where you may buy the dvd or simply download it.

Yoga for Men dvd coming soon!

See you in class!

Sean Vigue



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