Pilates classes in Orlando, Florida with Sean Vigue!


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My friends,

I want to invite you to my live Pilates classes in Orlando/Central Florida! I have taught over 3000 Pilates classes alone for Walt Disney World, Florida Hospital, Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, Artisan Park, Orange Lake Resort, Montessori School, Orange County Public Schools, Platinum Dance Academy, The Dance Experience, Celebration Town Hall and Lululemon Athletic Stores to name a few. I told you – I have taught LOTS OF PILATES CLASSES 🙂

Whether you live in the area or are one of the millions who vacation here I want to see you in my classes. Here is my full CLASS SCHEDULE including my Power Yoga and Yoga/Pilates classes.

*Bonus* When you attend my live classes you can purchase my workout DVDs (including the famous Pilates for Men) for only $10! These DVD’s sell by the TON on my webpage. I always bring them to every class.

I want to meet and make you a fitness animal no matter what your current skill level is. I only teach classes that 100% of the population will benefit from. See you in class!

Sean Vigue

Teaching another sold out Pilates class at Gold's Gym Orlando!


seanviguefitness.com (DVDs and Downloads available!)

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  1. Charli Smith10-30-19

    I go to anytime fitness in Acton ma and i see high school kids there all the time, so it’s not 18. maybe 16.

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