“Yoga for Men” workout with Sean Vigue!


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Screen shot from my soon to be released "Yoga for Men" DVD!

My friends,

My Yoga for Men Download is coming soon – in the meantime enjoy this short, 5 minute yoga workout designed specifically for men. Click HERE and tell me know how you did!

Why do men need yoga you ask?

-works your ENTIRE body

-gives you more endurance and stamina in the bedroom (and everywhere else for that matter)

-drastically increases flexibility

-tones, lengthens and strengthens all your muscles

I could list the benefits for hours but trying the workout is more powerful than anything I could ever say. 

*Order my Pilates for Men DVD/Download HERE and get a full hour of full body toning and stretching. “Real Men Do Pilates” 🙂


Sean Vigue




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