Crank up the music and reach your fitness goals!


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Having trouble finding motivation to hit the gym? Why not crank up the music? Music is a great way to drown out the distractions of life and focus 100% on taking care of business – sculpting long, lean muscles that turn heads! Without the music I lose energy and start noticing other people and things in the room. With the music blaring I get that extra kick in the ass to make my workouts extraordinary. Sometimes a song will hit me just right and turn me into a FITNESS ANIMAL! Can’t explain it – just happens sometimes. I once biked 134 mph for 3:36 because Were Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister struck a chord deep within me. I think I even scream edalong 😉

One of my main workout goals for 2012 is to spend no more than 30 minutes each workout session. That means packing a full body workout (plus stretching and warm-up) in less than half an hour. My workout music gives me the energy and motivation to keep moving through the circuits! Every song is an experience unto itself. You know you’re in good shape when you are able to sing along while exercising 🙂

Recommended tracks for today: Dr. Feelgood (Crue), Edge of Glory (Gaga), Good Times Bad Times (Lepplin) and It’s No Good (Depeche Mode).

See you in class!

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