Kim Kardashian and Sean Vigue are working for a fitter planet!


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It seems Kim Kardashian is a practitioner of Pilates – the form of exercise I would recommend you take to a desert island (or tropical) if you only have one choice of workout. To be honest, I have never watched her show or even know what her show is…I prefer to watch The Simpsons or MST3K over reality TV (unless it’s a Food Network challenge!). Good for her though in Tweeting her love of Pilates because it helps guys like me add to my list of extremely happy and fit clients! Here is her Tweet:

“I love pilates! Had the best class today! Love starting ym day like this! Hope you all have a good one! Xo”

“YM” must be a secret Hollywood code for your core muscles (abs, low back, hips, glutes). That’s cool! I love any excuse to extoll the amazing health and fitness benefits of the Pilates method to a world of exercise cynicism and dying posture. If you want to stay tall, lean, flexible and in control of your precious body you must arm yourself with Pilates. There is really nothing like it. Kim is absolutely correct in loving Pilates and I hope to see her in my classes 🙂

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