Make your morning workouts fun and effective – Learn how I made the switch to sunrise!


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Hate working out in the morning? I used to also. After 7pm was the time I would hit the gym and then be so wired I couldn’t fall asleep until after 2am. Fact about Sean Vigue: I first started lifting weights the summer before my senior year in high school to impress a girl named Becky. I would pump iron EVERY night with a barbell and two dumbbells from midnight to 4am in my room doing the exact SAME routine each time. Surprisingly, I did put on some muscle (which was clearly noticed during band camp thank you very much!) and Becky let me take her to a movie. It was What about Bob? 🙂

I now work out in the morning and here is a great article (below) from about how you can make each early session a surefire life-changer.

I’m off to write out my morning workout and you can bet it will include lots of Planks, Mountain Climbers, and Power Pilates served up with LOUD Van Halen in the background!

Sean Vigue  (order my Pilates for Men DVD – named “Best Male Workout DVD of 2011” by Pilates Style Magazine)

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