Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor part 2 – “Why are you walking in a circle?”


My friends it’s time for another Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness instructor!

“Why are you walking in a circle?”

So far, so good.

I pride myself as paying extreme attention to detail. Whether in my classes, videos, podcasts, or media appearances – I like to be very precise and work with purpose. If you attend my classes you will always see multi-colored notecards in my pockets, bag, ears, and car filled with tons of different workouts and exercises that are used to keep our workouts interesting. Fitness classes must always flow like a Neil Simon play from beginning to end – and YOU are the star! Places people!

Sometimes…just sometimes…usually during a Power Yoga class I will finish up, say “Namaste” in my sexy yoga voice, chat with people, smile as I walk to my car, get in, turn on Air Supply, drive home, go to bed (still, with a wide smile), and then, after dreaming of the Montana mountains, wake up in the middle of the night in horror with the realization that I forgot to do a whole balance sequence on one side. My dreams turn to nightmares as I envision all those lovely clients bragging about their yoga classes and then attempting to walk in a straight line …but because of the imbalance (caused by me!) they keep going in circles like a mule churning water out of a well. I also think of a compass going in circles. It’s amazing how the damage of missing Tree and Dancer pose on one side will influence your life.  Poor souls.

Now we have a plan in place. It’s very involved and time consuming. If it looks like i’m forgetting to do the other side someone yells, “Hey Sean! What about the other side?!?”

Have your instructors ever forgot what they were doing in the middle of class? Did you feel compelled to remind them or just carry on?

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  1. Kim03-20-12

    If it is a hard move I don’t want to remind them to do the other side. 🙂

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