Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor part 3 – “The Curious Birth of Pilates for Men?”


Celebration Field: The official birthplace of my Pilates for Men workouts!

That’s right, my Pilates for Men DVD/Download workout was first created on accident. Let me set the stage – I was planning to do a standard 5-Minute Abs Workout somewhere in my town of Celebration, Florida. You see, when I write out a workout I really don’t know where it will be filmed. I got on my bike one Saturday armed with a bottle of H2O (which needs to be cleaned), a cool cap, and a pink note card containing a few “set lists” of exercises for filming.

I cruised the town a couple times while listening to Kiss and made my way out to the high school after noticing an extra supply of alligators around my usual haunts. FYI – gators are very good at reserving spots weeks in advance so please plan ahead. The high school grounds were open but the fence leading onto the football field was locked. Since tunneling under using my water bottle was not an option I simply jumped it with all the fervor of a West Side Story gang member ie. singing, clapping, whistling and such. Football fields are great places to film because they are flat (not this one) and have the goal post in the background (this one did!).

Being on the field gave me the revelation to make a video geared directly to the guys/men/fellas who desperately  need the benefits of Pilates. So, I set up the camera, pushed the big red button, and created my original 8 minute Pilates for Men workout right on the spot…no notecards, no teleprompters, no problem! History in the making! I love when these unexpected events happen! I biked home feverishly with my Flip camera full of raw footage the world had not really seen. I may have sung too…Kiss probably.

Since then the short video has received a tremendous following online and inspired me to create a full DVD/Download which was named “Best Male Workout of 2011” by Pilates Style magazine! It was shot in Celebration on a pretty lake while the gators were on vacation. It is so inspiring to create something from scratch and watch it help (and hopefully) inspire others. Here at Sean Vigue Fitness we like to mainline fitness directly into your body. No committees. No red tape. Just fitness that 100% of the population can benefit from. Order the full workout HERE

When was the last time you had a revelation? Did you follow through on it?

Feel free to post your comments 🙂

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