Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor part 5 – “May I Drive You to Your Treadmill?”


Every time I go to my gym (which is inside a major hospital) to workout and listen to Van Halen, I am stalked by the golf cart that cruises the parking lots searching for people to carry to the entrance. I love to park far away so I can walk. I’m the weirdo, I know 😉 He always catches me from behind and scares the iPod out of me!! I think, “Sean – just nod and say No, thank you” and let him pick up that 22 year old guy 3 rows up who is planning to do 60 minutes of intense intervals on the treadmill followed by 3oo crunches (which will be about 13 with good form followed by 287 performed with a revolutionary, intense neck yanking method – more on this in another blog) while listening to Staind remixes. Let me walk! So many people are heading into the hospital because they don’t walk (or move). Then people are driving loops in the first 2 rows of parking looking for that precious spot before jogging on the treadmill. I hope they build a special road that takes the cart directly to the treadmill. Perhaps a helicopter can just lift people up and drop them directly on the stair master. We could hire people to move your legs while you do the elliptical. Oh, it’s just madness! I can’t write anymore…..

*Disclaimer* I understand that some people genuinely need assistance getting to and from somewhere and, for them, the cart is good. This blog only addresses those who are perfectly fine to walk yet refuse 🙂


State of the country?

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