Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor part 8 – “I Was 17 When I Won My First Beauty Pageant!”


By request, here is an example of what I do in my personal Core workouts. I LOVE doing these types of workouts. I really can’t stress that enough. They are SO much fun! Sure, we work the Core during (stomach, low back, hips and glutes), but you will be shocked at how much these shred, tone and strengthen the rest of your body. This specific workout was written out before, only to be totally changed about 4 minutes in. When I hit the mat (or in this case, a mat room), I want to always feel like an artist standing in front of a blank canvas. The excitement builds even before taking that first breath, savoring the anticipation before launching into an experience that changes your life. We must be fitness artists – Creating movement that unlocks our tremendous, untapped potential. These moves remove the blocks and unleash what is simmering right under the surface: flexibility, strength, focus, power, and, of course, a huge smile. I hope to see you in class!

Sean Vigue’s Personal Core Workout

* I cut the sound when the workout begins so feel free to add your own soundtrack. Options: Crue, Depeche Mode, 60’s TV show themes etc.

* This was filmed during my recent vacation to West Salem, Wisconsin in the high school mat room. Personal TRIVIA – I won the Mr. West Salem pageant in 1992. It brought me international fame and fortune.

* Where the heck do I get all this energy and drive?? Click HERE to discover my secret weapon.

* The Mr. West Salem pageant was during homecoming week my senior year, and that previous summer I started hitting the weights. When I “unveiled” during the swimsuit section (wearing only boxer shorts and carrying a large tree limb while the Star Wars theme played – I do have the video), I heard women gasp (in a good way) and squeal (in a very good way). Wow! Right then I realized the power of a fit body. That…and, of course, a long, fun, healthy life of helping people live well 😉

How did you feel when people began to notice your body changing from exercise? Did it inspire you to continue?

Yearbook Pic from Mr. West Salem Pageant – Talent Competition


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*“Best Male Workout of 2011”

– Pilates Style magazine


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