Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor part 9 – “To Burp or Not to Burp?”


I have a conundrum. I’m vexed. Horribly vexed. Vexed, I say. Is it time in my classes….to introduce the challenging and intimidating Burpee? What is a Burpee? Sounds like a large drink one may buy at 7/11 b

Kill it with Burpees!

ut you be wrong my friend.

There are many different forms of the Burpee. Like this one – Snake Burpee – or this one – One-Legged Burpee . They are diverse but always grounded in control and precision.

Why is it called a Burpee…because…not joking here…it makes you burp. Burp. Burp. BURP. Don’t believe me? Try it and attempt to stop the belching. Try THIS to give your burpee power and control!

Burpees need room to maneuver as you can see from the videos. I worry about a Burpee melee if it is launched. I worry about people loving it and taking their fitness to a new and exciting level. Once you join the ranks of people who can do Burpees…you got it made in the shade! I recommend using some of THESE quotes when trying. I’m leaving to teach Pilates at Disney World now and may just introduce one of these to them 🙂

Are you a Burpee lover? How have they benefited your life and fitness?


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