Sean Vigue to Southwest Orlando Bulletin: Pilates Offers Unique Total-Body Benefits


Below is an editorial I wrote for the Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 2012 Health and Fitness issue. If you are interested in learning more about the myriad of benefits Pilates offers, send me an email to

Pilates Offers Unique Total-Body Benefits

by Sean Vigue
Sean Vigue Fitness

It seems that everyone from Kim Kardashian to the current Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants, have caught the Pilates bug. Designed for elite athletes, men and women of all fitness levels can benefit from the intense core-building, strengthening and toning that Pilates offers. Rather than the part-by-part approach of most workout regimens, Pilates emphasizes using one’s own body weight, moving from the powerhouse (core) outward, to build a long, lean and toned body all over.Pilates can be performed anywhere, at any time and without any special equipment. All a person needs is a mat and a few minutes each day to build a beautiful, lean, flexible and powerful body. Results are visible after only a few sessions.


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