Throwback Thursday! (6-21-12) “Hey, that’s MY Spot!! Don’t Make me Burpee on Your Body!”


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It’s Throwback Thursday: that day of the week we visit (or re-visit) exciting events from the past…perhaps from 18 seconds ago to as far back as the early 80’s. The sky is the limit!

Today, I am featuring my first ever Confessions of a Freestyle Fitness Instructor blog about my clients feverishly choosing a spot in my classes and defending it with all their Yoga/Pilates might….sometimes resulting in me playing ref. I need to add black and white stripes to my Got Core? shirts. Since it’s inception, COFFI, has been about the topical, funny, and downright surreal aspects of my life as a fitness personality. It’s total immersion in a vast profession that constantly surprises!

The blog debuted in early March, 2012, when our puppy, Addie, was only 12 lbs of fluffy, funny, dork face. Now she is 33 lbs. of…well…the same. Check out the photo below and watch for her at the end of my Power Yoga video

Do you have a favorite spot in your classes? Why is that spot special?

Addie today as she begs for bits of my apple. Healthy pooch!




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