Sean Vigue Reviews Konkura Challenges Blog


Recently, a new startup website and blog called Konkura was brought to my attention and I thought I would share the wealth! The site is a community of fitness enthusiasts engaging in friendly competition by posting challenges for a variety of sports or fitness activities. Activities range from the Royal Marine Challenge to the less complex Chair Dip Challenge. Participants of all fitness levels are encouraged to post on Konkura. You are even able to upload photos or videos of yourself completing the challenge.

If you are interested in challenges similar to what we do in my yoga and Pilates classes, check out the 100 salutations challenge, the plank, or for higher-intensity Pylata-type classes, try the Bootcamp challenge.

All in all, Konkura is a great online community that brings people together to work toward their fitness goals, not unlike my own Facebook community! I fully support anything that brings people together in the name of fitness. They were even nice enough to let me write a guest post about Pylata.

Now, for my own challenge to you, my lovely readers: peruse, create a Pilates challenge and share it with me, here or on the Facebook page. The world is your stage, and who knows – maybe you’ll have a confession of a freestyle fitness instructor to share!

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