The Best Yoga Balance Pose for Beginners: The Tree from Sean Vigue Fitness!


I frickin' LOVE Tree Pose! Ooh yeah baby!

I love balance poses. They not only bring balance to your entire body but also work your Core and burn lots of calories. How? To successfully hold a standing balance pose you must engage ALL of your muscles. When all your muscles are firing you speed up your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. It’s pretty exciting stuff! Also, you can do these poses ANYWHERE. I did the Tree in the DVD section of Target (pronounced ‘Tarjay’) because I wanted to work my Core and burn a few extra calories while deciding to buy the latest ‘Simpson’s’ season. FYI – I didn’t. Maybe next time. I did pick up these great fat burning foods though. The Tree worked out well though 🙂
Enjoy this short tutorial on The Tree balance pose and start to work it into your life. Side effects: stronger core, better balance, higher metabolism, better poster, and better quality Target time. Share, comment, and enjoy!

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