Go on a Date with The Perfect Beginner Pilates Workout from Sean Vigue Fitness!


Pilates rocks my socks right off!!

I’m just gonna lay it all on the line – you have less than 10 minutes to exercise and you’re thinking ‘I can’t do anything in that little time. This sucks! I’m so ashamed and upset that I won’t workout today. Ahhh!’. What a horrible feeling. Wait, I think I may have something that is PERFECT for someone pressed for time. Yes, I do. Please give this Perfect Pilates Workout a whirl and reap the many benefits of a life that includes Pilates. I want you to go steady with Pilates. Go ahead, ask it out. Buy Pilates a corsage and go to a movie. See ‘Les Miserables’. Buy it popcorn (low fat) and a Sprite. You and Pilates sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. STID. Seriously, this workout is perfect for you. Enjoy and share!

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