The ‘Killer Weekday Workout Program’ download is now available at!

Get ripped and strong with me 3 days a week!

Get ripped and strong with me 3 days a week!

I’m so pleased and excited to announce the launch of my new download program: Your Complete Weekday Program! This download contains over one hour of intense bodyweight workouts to build power, endurance, gorgeous muscles, and INSANE core strength! Sizzle any additional flab with my special Killer Core Finisher routine and get a hard body that turns heads.

Here’s the wicked schedule:

Monday – Pilates & Core Workout
Wednesday – Power Yoga & Planks
Friday – Core Cardio Interval Power Workout
Bonus workout – Sean’s Killer Core Finisher Workout. This routine be added after the others (if you still have energy left).

This program will keep your body in a constant state of building and recovery throughout the week and can be done alone or with your current weight routine. Want to switch around the order? Go ahead! Either way, these workouts will transform the way you look and feel! The focus is on building a powerful body while keeping it flexible and balanced….the perfect mix.

Here’s a short teaser of the download – – now imagine a longer, more intense version and you get the idea 😉

Click to buy it right now for only $9.99 (save $3) by using the code – finisher – when checking out. You get over an hour of muscle ripping action for under $10!

Questions? Email me! or leave a comment on this blog. Thanks!

Sean Vigue

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