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Build a healthy & fit team with Sean's Wellness Pack!

Build a healthy & fit team with Sean’s Wellness Pack!

Sean’s Wellness Pack is the perfect tool to create a successful Wellness Program for your business, school, sports team or just yourself! SWP contains seven, 30 minute downloads combining Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates/Core, Flexibility training & BootCamp exercises designed for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Order now and receive my popular 18 minute Total Core Workout as a free bonus! SWP contains only bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere anytime making your body the ultimate workout machine. Build strength, focus, energy, balance & power – this is your complete fitness plan! Why wait? Have the most efficient business, energetic students & the best sports team around!

Sean’s Wellness Pack consists of 7 downloads plus my 18 minute Total Core Workout as a free bonus. Each workout is 30 minutes long.
Morning Stretch
Beginner Yoga
Intermediate Yoga
Power Yoga
Power Core Yoga
Yoga Core
Classic Pilates

I want you to succeed – if you’re a business, school, or sports team please email me and i’ll send you the 50% off code that you can share!

Sean’s Wellness Pack is priced at $24.99 – that’s almost 4 hours of workouts you can do anywhere anytime at your own pace.

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I’ve seen the transformative power of these workouts in the over 5000 lives classes i’ve taught and the millions i’ve reached with my workouts online – It’s time for YOU to make a difference!

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