Sean’s Vault December Workout Schedule!

Open Sean's Vault and transform your body with my total online training program!

Open Sean’s Vault and transform your body with my total online training program!

Hello Sean’s Vault subscribers (and those who are thinking of joining) and welcome to your December workout schedule! This is the TOUGHEST time of the year to stay on track so it’s even more important to stay energized and healthy during this festive and fun-filled time. Sean’s Vault has been growing by leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be more proud and thankful to keep offering full workouts every week. I want SV to become a full fledged workout ‘program’ that is dedicated to total body transformation no matter your fitness level, age and experience – and that’s where our schedule comes in 🙂

Here it is! The schedule is for 2 weeks…just repeat it for the last 2 weeks & watch for little surprises. Feel free to add/replace the new December workouts as you like. Also, the weekend is up to you – do a couple of your favorites or just go for a long hike. Keep it fresh! Want to follow my Supplement Plan?

First Week

Wildcard: ‘Sweat it out’ Vinyasa Core Workout – October
Extra credit: pick a Pylata workout!

Slow Burn Yoga Routine – November

Classic Pilates Workout – September
Extra credit: Take my Plank Challenge!

Yoga in the Park – October

Pylata Boot Camp – August
Extra credit: Pick a Pylata workout

Choose your own workouts for the weekend depending on how you feel but make sure to do this yoga routine before bedtime.

Second Week

Hard Core Construction – October
Extra credit: Power/Flow Yoga September

Yoga August
Slow Burn Yoga – November

Pylata: HIIT Calorie Meltdown – October
Extra credit: Classic Pilates Workout – September

Yoga in the Park
Extra credit: Yoga Abs routine

Wildcard: Weighted Core Workout
Extra credit: Pylata: Burpees are Forever Workout – November

Again, choose your own workouts for the weekend or just rest. If you’re feeling bored throw this routine in 😉

Well, there it is! If you haven’t joined Sean’s Vault yet what are you waiting for?

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