Sean Vigue Fitness Workout Calendar for April, 2014


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Workout with me everyday of the week!

Workout with me everyday of the week!

Ready to get fit with me? I designed this workout calendar to be as simple and accessible as possible so you can get right to the good stuff: getting fit, healthy, lean and flexible! Do the 2 weeks and then repeat for 4 whole weeks of fitness. You don’t have to do all the workouts here and make sure you modify as needed and always use control. Listen to your body! These workouts can be done solo or added in with your current routine for optimum results and enjoyment. Share with your workout buddies! Click here when you’re ready for more and watch for my premier fitness book coming soon to stores everywhere! Stay tuned…

Monday – Week 1
25 minute Power Yoga Core Shred
10 Very Effective Abs Exercises – Do each one to failure
Total Body Stretch – Release those tight muscles

25 minute Hot Yoga Workout
Total Stretching Routine

Do your other workouts or take a day off and do light cardio.

The 27 minute Killer Core Workout!
Yoga Stretch for Low Back and Hips

25 minute Power Yoga Workout
Athletic Yoga Workout (extra credit)
Choose one Stretching routine or do ALL 3!

Saturday – Wicked Cardio Fat Burning time!
Spartan 300 Real Time Workout
Superset Workout – Do as many as you can!
Let’s Stretch!

Day off. Do some light cardio and read a good book 🙂

Monday- Week 2
25 minute Weight Loss Yoga Workout
Slim and Trim Cardio Workout
Lower Back Stretches

Full 45 min Pilates Workout
Total Body Stretch

Wednesday – Let’s get serious!
The 27 min Killer Core Workout!
30 min Power Yoga Workout

Day off. Do some light cardio and mow your lawn.

30 min Power Core Yoga Workout
Extreme Cardio Workout – Optional Extra Credit!
Deep Yoga Stretches

Saturday – Let’s kill it!
25 min Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workout
Destroy Fat Workout
The 200 Squat Challenge – Optional Extra Credit
Stretch your A** Off!

Take the day off but do this routine before going to bed.


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