5 Things You’ll Never Experience in My Live Classes and Videos!

5 Things You'll Never Experience with Sean Vigue Fitness!

5 Things You’ll Never Experience with Sean Vigue Fitness!

This is from a conversation I had yesterday. With whom is classified. I mean, I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

5 things you’ll never experience in my live classes and videos:

1 – Bad diction. I trained and worked as a professional singer/actor for many years and can’t stand when people don’t annunciate! Consonants exist for a reason.

2 – Someone else’s workout. Every workout I’ve ever put together has been from the brain and heart (ya gotta have heart!) of Mr. Sean Vigue – for better or for worse. Freestyle classes are in my soul and I’m always learning, improving and offering new ways to keep fitness relevant in my life, and hopefully, yours. I have over 1500 notecards (and counting) full of exercises, moves, sequences, Columbo quotes, flows etc. to make sure I offer the best product to my ability. As a fellow instructor, are you?

3 – Low energy. I love and believe in what I do so you’re going to be energized, focused and delirious at the end with your head packed with plenty of movie references and visuals. Even when I was suffering from severe food poisoning while teaching Pilates at Golds Dr. Phillips, I maintained some energy before ending class early and stumbling into the locker room. After that is kind of fuzzy. How the heck did I get home?! Ah, what a great memory…

4 – Sleeves. I hate em’ and the guns need to breathe.

5 – No singing. I believe that if you can sing while exercising you’re in pretty darn good shape. That doesn’t mean I make people sing during class…just don’t be surprised if you hear some Verdi or Sondheim sometimes. Now, get in Plank and give me 32 bars from “Paint your Wagon”!

And that’s it. I’ll try to keep these rules as Sean Vigue Fitness enters into a new age on July 28th (I turn 40!). Good grief…

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