My Top 10 Workouts for Athletes! These are the difference makers.

Here's 10 workouts that every athlete must do TODAY!

Here’s 10 workouts that every athlete must do TODAY!

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While working on my upcoming book, (order it today ON SALE): “Power Yoga for Athletes” I thought it would be a great idea to put together my best workout videos for athletes into one convenient blog. To be at the top of their game, athletes must include core strength and flexibility training with some fun (and killer) cardio thrown in for good measure. The athlete’s body is their instrument and keeping it balanced, stretched and strong will ensure a longer, more fulfilling career. The Seattle Seahawks and the Florida State football team have confessed to practicing yoga and Pilates and they are both the current champions of the NFL and the NCAA. These are bodyweight only exercises so no weights, machines, devices or gym of any kind is needed – just your greatest gym: your body! So, without further adieu, here’s 10 life changing workouts (in no particular order) that EVERY athlete and team must to add to their training schedule RIGHT NOW! Post your pics on my Facebook page.

1. Pilates for Athletes – strong core = elevated athletic performance

2. The 27 minute Killer Core Workout

3. 25 minute Power Yoga Workout – The Seattle Seahawks do Power Yoga like this

4. 40 minute “Fountain of Youth” Yoga Stretch – elongate your career with regular stretching like this!

5. Power Yoga for Athletes – quick workout to chisel and stretch your whole body

6. Spartan 300 Rep Workout in Real Time – this was the TOUGHEST video I’ve ever filmed!

7. The 20 minute Killer Core Workout – the #1 core workout on YouTube

8. Full 25 minute Pilates Class – this is classic Pilates for the mind and body

9. “Death by Plank” 33 minute Core Workout – I LOVE Planks. This workout will make you the scariest SOB on the field!

10. Ultimate 70 minute Yoga, Pilates and Core Workout – let’s save the longest for last

*Bonus Football Conditioning Exercises* 20 moves to make you a BEAST on the field!

*Bonus 20 minute Pure Power Yoga Workout* This will make you an animal in any sport!

Find my other 300+ workouts by subscribing to my official YouTube channel and I feel sorry for your opponents after you kill these workouts!

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