Total Football Conditioning Yoga Workout with Sean Vigue!

Be the most FEARED player on the field this year!

Be the most FEARED player on the field this year!

Football practices are starting all over the country and the teams that implement yoga/power yoga workouts into their schedule will have a HUGE edge! What does practicing yoga do for a football player? What does it do for Kevin Boss, Troy Polamalu, The Seattle Seahawks (!), Eddie George, Tony Parrish, Ricky Williams, Amani Toomer, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Vernon Davis? Let’s list a few benefits: flexibility, core strength, balance, focus, speed, endurance and it’s a nifty workout to have on your off days or when you’re injured because it can adapt to your every need. It’s extremely convenient and can be done anywhere anytime – all you need is a semi soft surface or yoga mat and you can create a life changing experience. I just finished the manuscript for my upcoming book, Power Yoga for Athletes and can back up all of this by just getting you on my programs. The video below is all your’s! Use it. Practice it. Do it solo AND with your entire team. Enjoy and keep me posted on your season!

As a bonus, here’s one of my core workouts designed for athletes.

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