The Official ‘Sean’s Vault’ October Workout Calendar is here!

Let's get ultra ripped and healthy!

Let’s get ultra ripped and healthy!

Ready for your ‘Sean’s Vault’ October workout calendar? Let’s just cut to the chase and get you on your way to leaner muscles, better posture, more strength and power and looking younger. Oh, and my new book, ‘Power Yoga for Athletes’ is ready for you to pre-order! Reserve it now and avoid going to a crowded Barnes and Nobles to buy it.

*Always use control & modify as needed*
This is a two week split schedule. Just repeat it twice for the month. I’ve included extra credit options to reach your maximum potential but it’s up to you how much you want to do. Enjoy! Not an exclusive member of Sean’s Vault? Join the elite today and never look back!

Monday – Fat Burning Day!
Cardio Core Kickboxing Shred and Stretch Workout – September 2014
CORE on Fire! – extra credit

Tuesday – Yoga and Stretch Day
Yoga Shred and Stretch Workout – September 2014
Power Yoga for Flexibility – extra credit

Wednesday – Core Ripper Day!
Core Training Workout Reborn – June 2014
Pilates Shred and Stretch – September 2014

Thursday – Rest Day
Take a walk, do gentle stretching, go for a bike ride and reward yourself with your favorite food.

Friday – Cardio Core Day
HIIT and Tabatas are Forever – July 2014
Cardio Core Kickboxing HIIT Workout – July 2014

Saturday – Power Yoga Day
Power Yoga for Athletes #2 – July 2014
Power Yoga for Weight Loss – extra credit

Sunday – Power Core Day
Energizing Core Workout for the Beach – May 2014
‘Abs on Fire’ Core Workout – April 2014
Stretch – extra credit

Week 2

Monday – Rest Day
Chill out and bask in all your hard work!

Tuesday – Yoga all day!
Yoga Fire Flow – April 2014
Wildcard: ‘Warm Taffy’ Total Stretch Routine – March 2014

Wednesday – Cardio Core Day
Wildcard: Cardio Core Yoga and Tabata Madness – September 2014
Fat Burning ‘Hot Summer Body’ Workout – March 2014
Stretch – extra credit

Thursday – Deep Stretch Day
Wildcard: ‘Super Deep’ Yoga Stretch Routine – August 2014
If you need more: Wildcard: ‘Fountain of Youth’ Stretch Routine – February 2014

Friday – Rest Day
Do some light gardening, walking and spend some quality time with friends and family. You’re going to need the rest 😉

Saturday – Cardio Power Yoga Frenzy Day!
Pure Cardio Athletic Training Workout – June 2014
Warrior Yoga Workout – February 2014

Sunday – Your Choice.
Cardio: Pylata ‘Burpees are Forever’ Workout – November 2013
Core: Pilates Calorie Scorcher Workout – January 2014
Yoga: Yoga to Restore and Renew – May 2014

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