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What is 'Sean's Vault' and why is everyone talking about it?

What is ‘Sean’s Vault’ and why is everyone talking about it?

What is Sean’s Vault? Is it an online training program? Are they just videos from Sean’s YouTube channel? How many are there? There’s so many questions about Sean’s Vault so here is a convenient guide to what exactly it is and why you NEED to join today.

What do I get when I join Sean’s Vault?
You get immediate access to over 50 workouts downloads only available in the Vault with a new workout arriving in your inbox each week.
Here’s the workout schedule:
Week 1 – Yoga
Week 2 – Pilates/Core
Week 3 – Cardio Fat Burning
Week 4 – Wildcard (always a surprise workout usually decided by the most requests I receive via my email)
You also get a complete workout calendar for each month with all sorts of surprise extra credit workouts added in.

What are the workouts like?
Each workout is between 35-45 minutes and features a warm-up and cool down. These videos are exactly like being in my live classes so expect never to do the same workout twice and lots and lots of variety. About 95% are bodyweight only so no weights, machines or equipment is needed making it super convenient to workout anywhere and anytime. Oh, and some good banter too 🙂

How much is it and can I cancel at anytime?
The cost to join is only $14.99 (PayPal) and you can cancel at anytime. I warn you, you’ll become addicted to the MASSIVE catalogue of ever changing workouts and may never go back to your previous classes. The average Sean’s Vault user stays with us for about 11 months and leaves sharing stories about how their bodies have radically changed towards leaner, longer and stronger muscles, more energy, incredible flexibility and a laser focus that eluded them before.

Can I play Sean’s Vault videos on my Apple devices?
Sure, these videos work on all platforms. They are super convenient to take anywhere you go in the world.

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