Your ‘Sean’s Vault’ December Workout Calendar is here!


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Stay fit and healthy through the holidays and beyond!

Stay fit and healthy through the holidays and beyond!

My friends, here’s your December Sean’s Vault workout calendar! I’ve changed up the training splits and, as always, added new workouts to keep your training fresh, effective and fun. There’s a few extra credit nuggets thrown in from my award winning YouTube channel for good measure too. Do what you can and listen to your body for the best results and so you can keep doing fitness for many, many years. Get my new (hopefully!) bestselling book to take with you and train anywhere anytime. It’s my goal to make getting in the best shape of your life as accessible and fun as possible. Now, let’s go!! Repeat this schedule twice for the month.

Some days I put two complete workouts on the schedule. Only do the second if you’re body is still feeling strong after the first workout. Make it work for YOU.

Week One

Monday – Fat Burning Cardio

‘Butts and Guts’ #2: Cardio Core Workout – November 2014 (NEW!)
Extra credit stretch – 10 Best Athletic Stretches

Tuesday – Hot Flowing Yoga and Core Blast

Power Yoga for Athletes #2 – July 2014
“Got Core?” Insanity Abs Workout – November 2014 (NEW!)

Wednesday – Rest Day

Do some light cardio – walking, biking, hiking etc. Eat healthy and rest up for a three day split.

Thursday – Cardio Challenge with Power Yoga

Cardio Core Kickboxing Shred and Stretch Workout – September 2014
Power Yoga for Athletes #1 – June 2014

Friday – All about your Core!

The Summer Core Sizzler Workout – July 2014
Extra credit – My 20 minute Pilates Abs Workout for HASfit!

Saturday – Calorie Busting Stretch Day

‘Butts and Guts’ Cardio Core Workout #1 – October 2014
Pylata: Death by Plank – September 2013
Stretch – 15 min Gentle Stretch Routine

Sunday – Rest Day

Watch some football, eat clean and take a nice long walk.

Week Two

Monday – Cardio Core Meltdown

‘Body of Fire’ Total Body Shred – April 2014
Wildcard: Thanksgiving Freestyle Workout – November 2014 (NEW!)

Tuesday – Yoga, yoga and a little more yoga…

Wildcard: Haunted Lunge & Warrior ‘Spook-tacular Workout – October 2014
Slow Burn Yoga Routine – November 2013
Extra credit – Power Yoga Core (if you just can’t get ENOUGH!!)

Wednesday – Rest up, my friend

Check out the 5 fitness books I’m reading this month!

Thursday – Power Yoga and Core Sweatfest

Hot Summer Body Core Workout – March 2014
Warrior Yoga Workout – February 2014
Extra Credit – 30 min Power Yoga (if you can’t get enough of my power yoga!)

Friday – Cardio, Intervals and Muscle Shredding

Pylata: Fat Burning Cardio Frenzy – January 2014
Pylata: HIIT Cardio & Abs – December 2013
Extra credit stretch – Total Stretch Routine

Saturday – Choose your own workout or do ALL THREE!

‘Twist & Shout’ Vinyasa Flow Yoga – November 2014
Energizing Sunrise Yoga – October 2014
HIIT, Weights, Push-Ups, Squats Core, Oh My! – May 2014
Extra credit workout – my 20 minute Cardio Pilates Workout for yoga guru Lesley Fightmaster

Sunday – YOU MADE IT! Congrats! Now, rest up and repeat this two week split on Monday.

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All my best,

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