Sean’s Vault January Workout Calendar has Arrived!


My friends, here’s your January Sean’s Vault workout calendar. I made it really straightforward so you can get to building muscle, stretching and creating the most powerful body in 2015! Oh, my book, “Power Yoga for Athletes” will now be officially released on May 1st of this year. Order it now on sale!

Repeat this 2 week schedule twice for the month.

Week 1

Monday – Yoga to Restore and Balance

Energizing Sunrise Yoga – October 2014

Tuesday – All out Insanity!

“Chisel Your Muscles” HIIT Freestyle Workout – December 2014
Extra Credit Stretch

Wednesday – Power Yoga is calling you

Power Yoga for Athletes #2 – July 2014
Extra Credit Power Yoga on my Deck!

Thursday – No rest, it’s time to Bust your Core!

“Merry Planking” Fat Burning Core Workout – December 2014
Extra Credit Stretch

Friday – Rest Day

Take a nice walk, eat some apples and get lots of rest.

Saturday – Get Powerful and Strong today!

Wildcard: Power Yoga Core w/ Dumbbells – December 2014

Sunday – Cardio and Fat Burning Abounds

Cardio Core Kickboxing HIIT Workout – August 2014
Have a deep stretch – Yoga to Restore and Renew – May 2014

Week 2

Monday – Got Core? Stay on schedule!

Warrior Pilates with Weights Workout – February 2014

Tuesday – Rest day

Sleep, chill and have a big salad with lots of protein.

Wednesday – Yoga and Core Time!

Stand Tall Core and Plank Workout – November 2013
Warrior Yoga Workout – February 2014

Thursday – Rest Day

Prepare for the final three day split.

Friday – Cardio, HIIT and more, oh my!

Pylata Fat Burning Cardio Frenzy – January 2014
Extra Credit HIIT Workout

Saturday – All about Pilates

Pilates Shred and Stretch – September 2014

Sunday – All out fitness war!

HIIT and Tabatas are Forever – July 2014
Wildcard: “Fountain of Youth” Stretch Routine – February 2014

There you have it! Enjoy and keep sharing these workouts with your friends and family to get them on the Sean’s Vault bandwagon.

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