Your May ‘Sean’s Vault’ Workout Schedule is here!

Make health and fitness a permanent part of your life!

Make your health and fitness a permanent part of your life!

What’s that I see? Methinks it’s almost springtime. Sure, the calendar says March 21st is the start of spring but here in the Colorado mountains we have a about a foot of snow on the ground that’s being slowly dissolved by the ever present sunshine. It’s sunnier here than in Florida. Go figure.
Enough of the small talk…let’s get to your May Sean’s Vault workout schedule so we can sail into summer feeling and looking our very best! Add this book to your arsenal also and take it with you everywhere. Let’s keep our workouts fun, challenging, convenient and always changing!

You’ve asked for it and it’s scheduled to be released in the next couple weeks…The Sean Vigue Fitness App! Learn all about the App by clicking here.

Now, here’s your official Sean’s Vault workout schedule for the month of May. It’s a little early because I’m going on vacation this Friday for a week and wanted to make sure you were fully stocked and ready for anything 🙂 It’s a two week split. Do the two weeks and then repeat for the month.

Week 1

Yoga Meltdown Power Flow – April 2015 (Isn’t this one a KILLER?)

Old Fashioned CORE SLAMMER Workout – February 2015
Extra credit stretch video!

Fat Burning Hot Summer Body Workout – March 2014 (Classic!)
Extra credit add-on: “Twist and Shout” Vinyasa Flow Yoga – November 2014

Rest Day. If you want to do some stretching this one’s for YOU.

“Return of the Core” Masterclass – April 2015

Wildcard: Power Yoga for Athletes #1 – June 2014

Fat Destroyer Cardio Celebration – April 2015
Extra Credit Stretch Video!

Week 2

Rest Day. Need a good stretch in between all your resting, walking and learning about exciting new yoga mats? Enjoy this stretching routine 🙂

Wildcard: “Raise Your Heart Rate” Pilates Workout – April 2015 (coming tonight or tomorrow)

“Rock Your Body” Yoga Workout for Weight Loss – August 2014

Cardio Core Kickboxing HIIT Workout – August 2014
Extra Credit Stretch – Yoga to Restore and Renew – May 2014

Rest Day. Check out the latest full length video I did for HASfit!

Cardio Core Metabolism Booster – March 2015

Wildcard: Power Yoga Core w/ Dumbbells Workout – December 2014
Wildcard: “Brand New Person” Stretch Flow – March 2015

Enjoy and remember…you can always substitute a similar workout for one if you want to change it up even more…or if you’ve just done a certain one a lot and need something new. The most effective workout programs are ALWAYS changing and evolving as your fitness improves.

All my best,
PS – Watch for my premier eBook launching soon: Pilates for Men.

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