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Your complete, easy to follow yoga class.

Your complete, easy to follow yoga class.

Sign-up for the free yoga series that everyone is talking about! From beginner to advanced athlete – this comprehensive yoga training series from “the most watched Yoga & Pilates guy on the planet”, Sean Vigue, is for YOU.

Your 7-Day Yoga: Complete Fitness Program

“This free, easy-to-follow yoga series is designed for anyone who wants more flexibility, strength, focus, control, balance, and endurance. Your Complete 7 Day Yoga Flow Class features seven unique yoga routines that can be performed as a stand-alone series or as a complete, comprehensive yoga class routine. I’ve taught thousands of live yoga classes and added my most popular flows and sequences for optimum results and enjoyment. You will learn a large variety of classic poses with some surprises and unique sequences thrown in to keep it fresh and challenging.”

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