Q&A with Sean Vigue: Get Taller, Am I Vegan, Orson Welles, German Outbursts and more…

What do you want to ask Sean?

What do you want to ask Sean?

My friends, I’m pleased to announce my first ever Q&A video on my YouTube channel! This is a great forum for me to answer the many questions I receive each day from you and give you a chance to participate…leave your questions on the video (on YouTube, not on this blog). From health to fitness questions or just wanting to learn more about me – ask away! Don’t forget to Like and Share this video with your friends and workout buddies and get the new yoga book that EVERYONE’S talking about!

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  1. Ernie06-29-15

    How and where did you meet the lovely Addie?

    • Ernie06-29-15

      The above ? is for the next Q & A.

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