The October ‘Sean’s Vault’ Workout Program

Rhett knows...

Rhett knows…

My friends, here’s your long awaited October workout program for Sean’s Vault! Can you believe we’ve been doing the Vault for over 2 years now? Incredible! I remember heading out in the thick humidity of Florida on my bike with the backpack containing my camera, tripod and assorted other devices for filming and finding a sweet spot to film for you. Things haven’t really changed except now we see the Colorado mountains in the background. Life is grand and I love sharing it with you.

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Here’s your October Workout program (“program” sounds better). Do the two weeks and then repeat. EVERY workout program we’ve done for the Vault is CONSTANTLY changing for optimum results and fun. Keep sharing Sean Vigue Fitness with your friends and family and on your social media.

Week 1

Sean’s Favorite Cardio w/ Weights Workout – September 2015
Here’s some fun stretching for afterwords

Sean’s Personal Yoga Flow #1 – September 2015 (I hope you loved these as much as I loved filming them)

Beach Body Core and Abs Workout – June 2015
Enjoy some Sean stretching once again

Rest Day. Read the Huffington Post’s Top 50 Workout Brands. Hint, I might be in there somewhere 😉

Sean’s Personal Pilates/Core Workout – September 2015

HIIT and Tabatas are Forever – July 2014
Now open your hips!

“Look Ma, No Hands” Total Yoga Flow: The Sequel – March 2015

Week 2

“Calorie Demolishing” Power Yoga Workout – June 2015

Wildcard: Elastic Core Workout – August 2015

“Butts and Guts’ Cardio Core Workout – October 2014
Let’s stretch this ships and hamstrings!

Rest day. Take a long walk and eat some kale. Yummy.

“Rock Your Body” Yoga Workout for Weight Loss – August 2014

Pilates Core Flow for Freaky Abs w/ Weights – August 2015
Open those hips and hamstrings again!

Max Cardio Endurance Workout w/ Deep Stretches – July 2015
Finish with my complete stretching routine for HASfit!

Sean Vigue

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