The Best Damn Core Workout Video in the Universe!


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Do it today!

Do it today!

This is quite a promise to make. Can one really judge the “best” workout of any kind? Is this just a publicity stunt? Using words like “best”, “top”, “#1” and “epic” can really add intrigue or disdain to a video even before the curious watcher presses play…if they do at all. Well, I do enjoy adding dramatic titles to my videos but hope the workout speaks for itself. So go ahead, my friend, press play and get ready to move your body like never before. Words fail at this point and the movement takes over. The movement is the truth of the workout. It’s the purity.

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On to the workout. Enjoy The Best Damn Core Workout Video. Do it in sections or charge through like a warrior!

Get it today!

Get it today!

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  1. Justine Putot06-06-16

    Hi Sean,

    Great post!
    I think so too, that it’s the best damn core workout!


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