Sean’s Vault 30 Day Workout Schedule


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Sean’s Vault subscribers – here’s your 30 day complete workout program – Click here! Feel free to take a day off when you need one and keep spreading the word about the 7 day FREE trail of Sean’s Vault. It’s a pleasure to work with you!

Day 1
Sean’s Favorite Muscle Sculpting Exercises

Day 2
“Wet Noodle” Deep Stretch Routine

Day 3
Sean’s Favorite Yoga Flow

Day 4
Beginner Cardio Workout 

Day 5
Beach Body Core Workout

Day 6
Bendy and Elastic Core Workout

Day 7
Cardio Metabolism Booster Workout

Week 2

Day 8
Old Fashioned Butt Kickin’ Core Workout

Day 9
Yoga Meltdown for Great Sleep

Day 10
Yoga Core Combo Workout

Day 11
Cardio Fat Destroyer

Day 12
Yoga for Total Body Release Routine

Day 13
Warrior Dumbbell Full Body Workout

Day 14
Core Workout for Endurance and Stamina

Week 3

Day 15
Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

Day 16
“No Crunches” Core Abdominal Workout

Day 17
Morning Yoga for Weight Loss Routine

Day 18
Sean’s Favorite Cardio w/ Dumbbells Workout

Day 19
Mind and Body Energy Rejuvenation Routine

Day 20
Power Yoga Calorie Demolisher Workout

Day 21
Return of the Core Total Body Workout

Week 4

Day 22
Powerful Chest and Arms Cardio Workout

Day 23
Gentle Yoga Stretch in the Park

Day 24
The Core Strikes Back

Day 25
Super Deep Stretch Routine

Day 26
Cardio Pilates Fat melting Core Workout

Day 27
Endurance Booster Cardio Workout

Day 28
The Best Damn Hips, Hamstrings and Low Back Stretch Video

Finish up the month strong!

Day 29
Breathless MAX Cardio Workout

Day 30
Pilates Blaster w/ Weights Workout

Well done!

Keep checking in at Sean’s Vault and tell your friends and family about the 7 day FREE trial!

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