The “4 P’s” Workout: Push-ups, Planks, Pilates and Power Yoga!


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Holy cow was this one fun to film! It’s kind of a celebration workout for two reasons.

1. It’s the end of a very exciting year and I wanted to thank you for your support and love.
2. I’m publishing my latest and most comprehensive book today, Sean Vigue’s 45 Day Complete Workout Program on Amazon. Watch for it on iTunes also. Check out my bestselling eBook library by clicking HERE.

Exciting stuff! What are the “4 P’s” exactly? Push-ups, planks, Pilates and Power Yoga – our greatest hits as it were. All put into one workout for maximum muscle engagement, flexibility training and stamina building. No weights. No machines.

Here’s your “4 P” workout! Don’t keep it or your dramatic results a secret. Share it on.

All my best,
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