Sean’s ABS of IRON Total Bodyweight Workout


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What could be better than grabbing a cold bottle of water, yoga mat, my dog, a heaping bottle of sunscreen and my camera to capture an intense and fun total body workout on my deck? The deck is just a few steps from where I’m writing this blog so it’s convenient, scenic and trembles when I jump. Do these workouts anywhere and anytime. No excuses.

I just gave an hour long interview on how to make time for your workouts. If you have the passion you will find the time and these workouts couldn’t be anymore accessible. So, grab your mat and email me where you’re working with me in this huge, wide world!

Abs of Iron Workout! Please Share w/ your toughest friend and give it a LIKE and Comment on Youtube. Thank you.

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  1. Lucie Novakova06-08-16

    thanks sean,

    I have been doing your work outs for some time now and you rock…my abs has never been stronger.

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