The Best Pilates Core Workout Video w/ Sean Vigue!


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I work with a lot of athletes, men and women of all ages, who play sports professionally, in college, on the weekend or for fun in pick up games on the side. The one thing they ALL want is to improve their performance in those sports. No one plays and practices a sport so they can get worse. What’s the point? Sports teach us to excel, grow, get stronger, more proficient and improve. My job is to give YOU the tools to improve your performance. My first book on sports training is a bestseller on Amazon and now I’m proud to bring you Pilates for Athletes. It’s a total on the go training manual for athletes of all fitness levels…and I just added a complete training log for all the major sports to the second edition (out now). This workout is the official workout of the book and I wanted to share it with you so you can reap these astounding benefits!

Enjoy perhaps the Best Core Workout Video and Share it with your workout partners who want more strength, flexibility and speed!

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