What happened to the “Sunrise Yoga” video on YouTube?!


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Where did it go?

Where did it go?

Many of you have been asking me “Where did your ‘Sunrise Yoga’ video go on YouTube?”. Watch the video below and find out where it went and hopefully where it will appear again. Thank you for your intense support of this very popular beginner yoga routine. I really appreciate your support!

All my best,

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  1. Paul Krull06-17-16

    Sean, thanks for the update. Sunrise was the first of your work I found when I started looking for something to keep me more stretched as I age. I’ve been busy at work and getting more movement while at work, so hadn’t used Sunrise for a while. SOOO disappointed that it was down.
    I smiled when I learned your Opera background. I’ve sung Barbershop for 27 years–one of the real triggers to get me doing some sort of workout was gradually losing my ability to move on stage. Your videos have helped my breath support and ability to perform. I’ve been subtly incorporating some of the easier stretches into our warmup routines, though they have to be pretty low impact, our guys range from 16 to 92!
    At any rate, thanks so much for your work. (And I am getting closer to actually paying you for your time!)

    Paul Krull

  2. Patti06-28-16

    Love the beginner yoga I’m a 51 yr old Can and my job is Dena ding but rewarding. The videos are just what I need to start my day. Thank you Sean

  3. Cheryl07-17-16

    A mindful approach, positive attitude, and faith in yourself prevailed–yay! So glad the Sunrise has returned! c:

  4. Laurel08-22-16

    So sorry this happened. I LOVE that video and was so upset when I couldn’t find it any more. Thank you for the thoughtful update and I’m sorry about you bike too!

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