Why Bodyweight Training is Essential for Optimal Fitness!

I love Bodyweight Training and so must you!

I love Bodyweight Training and so must you!

I really can’t say enough about how bodyweight training has influenced and guided my life. By utilizing our most powerful gym, our bodies, we will NEVER stop creating new workouts, exercises, sequences and cross training. With bodyweight training you can seamlessly cross train with any other workout style by creating seamless transitions and digging into all parts of your body (not just the well known big mover muscles) and work the body as a whole. Working together as one. The possibilities are endless, my friend and bodyweight training only enhances the many other workout styles in your arsenal.

Enjoy this video as I break down exactly why bodyweight training is so darn effective and efficient in bringing stamina, strength and flexibility to our lives.

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Get the athlete's secret weapon!

Get the athlete’s secret weapon!

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