Sean’s 7 Day Fitness Challenge is now Live!


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Take Sean's 7 Day Fitness Challenge!

Take Sean’s 7 Day Fitness Challenge!

My friends, by popular demand I created this new 7 Day Fitness Challenge just for you! It features 7 days of complete workouts (Monday-Sunday) including weight training, power yoga, core blasting, flexibility training, cardio HIIT, pull ups, Pilates and more. Want more? Jump on my special 30 day program SVF 365!

Enjoy and all I ask is that when you finish (or not) each workout you give a “Thumbs Up” and comment on the video then share this challenge w/ friends and family on your social media.

Monday – The Perfect Plank Workout

Tuesday – Sweaty Yoga Butt, Legs and Thighs Workout

Wednesday – Intense Muscle Shredding Warrior Workout

Thursday – Yoga Stretching Meltdown for Deep Sleep

Friday – CORE of STEEL Total Body Workout

Saturday – Fat Burning Athletic Power Yoga Workout

Sunday – Dynamic Total Body Strength Workout

Enjoying this challenge? You MUST also do my 7 Day Yoga Challenge and 7 Day Pilates Challenge!

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  1. Lucette Quenneville12-28-16

    These are awesome workouts! I must admit it is quite hard (especially the first one, (planks aaaaah), but everything that is valuable is hard right? I love exercising with you!

  2. Debbie04-26-17

    In a Q &A session you said not to work abs everyday but how can you not when doing full body weight, plank, yoga. ..exercises which all incorporate core. So not to do classic 5 pilates everyday I can understand, but please clarify 72 hour ab recovery in the midst of working out everyday.

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