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7 Day Core Challenge

7 Day Core Challenge

Is there anything more satisfying and inspiring than a 7 day challenge? Well, I suppose there’s a few things but in the wild world of fitness it’s difficult to find problems with 7 days of complete workouts with a new one each day. All we do is smack that play button each day and dive into our full body workout for the day…hopefully with a steady dosage of sweat and grinning/grimacing. It all adds up to our personal fitness journey and with that in mind I’m overjoyed (over the moon!) to bring you my 7 Day Core Challenge!

Make no mistake: you’ll be working your core (abs, low back, hips and gluteus) along with pretty much every other muscle in your body. These are bodyweight only workouts so NO weights or equipment of any kind is needed. Take your 7 Day Core Challenge with you anywhere and kill it anytime. It’s all yours! What I ask in return is that you ‘check -in’ on YouTube in the comment section of each workout (I’ll always respond) and post your progress (with a photo is cool too) on your social media network. TAG me @seanviguefitness #7daycorechallenge

Here we go. Begin anytime and day you wish!

Monday – The Perfect Morning Core Workout

Tuesday – Calorie Scorching Cardio Core Workout

Wednesday – Power Yoga Core Workout

Thursday – HARD ABS and CORE Annihilation Workout

Friday – Super Bendy Stretch and Gentle Core Routine

Saturday – Best Pilates Core Abs Workout from HELL!

Sunday – WAR ON YOUR CORE Ripper Workout

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